Welcome to SLO CAL

Nestled in California’s Central Coast region is a land of alluring beaches, undulating vineyards and a town radiating with a quintessential Californian charm. San Luis Obispo County, CA (SLO CAL) is a destination that emanates a sense of community, with its commitment to sustainability engrained into the way of life of its residents. It’s distinct topography and proximity to the Pacific Ocean allow for five contrasting microclimates to exist in tandem across the region, making the possibility for adventure endless.

North Coast

Cool ocean breezes and warm invitations is what you’ll discover all along the upper coastal reaches in SLO CAL. Known for its rugged coastal cliffs and panoramic views, you’ll be sure to enjoy any activity among the north coast’s hazy coastline and crisp ocean air.


Up toward the northern parts in of SLO CAL, you will find plenty to sip, savor and simply soak up. With its vine-draped hills, majestic oaks and abundant olive trees, world-class wines and culinary experiences, this is where rural country meets fine cuisine. With warm, sunny days and dark chilly nights, pack your layers for this northern excursion.

South Coast

Classic California comes alive along the southernmost section in SLO CAL. Here you can drive on the beach or wine taste among the fertile agricultural fields. From miles of pristine coastline to drivable dunes, reset and refresh in the warm breeze of the south coast area.

San Luis Obispo

This is the spirited soul of SLO CAL, warm Mediterranean climate and friendly folks welcome you. With around 287 days of sun a year and thousands of acres of protected open space, find yourself soaking in the sunny SLO CAL escape.


Set up for Success

How Destination Marketing and Management Organisation Visit SLO CAL has strategically set themselves up to build a community that understands the value of collaboration.



Life’s too Beautiful to Rush

The county of San Luis Obispo (SLO CAL), is known as the place where ‘life’s too beautiful to rush’. The region is represented by the destination marketing and management organisation, Visit SLO CAL — a dynamic tourism body that exemplifies the positive power of collaboration between destination stakeholders.


Sustainability from the Top Down

Learn from established organisations that are setting an example with sustainability



We are Collaborators, not Competitors

With resident’s quality of life so high up on the agenda, visitors to SLO CAL are encouraged to travel sustainably throughout the county, exploring the farmers markets, sampling the home grown produce & furthering their understanding of the sustainable practices on wine trails and farm tours. Sustainability sits at the heart of the community in SLO CAL, with ambitious goals in place and already being worked towards.


Sustainability from the Bottom Up

Up and coming SMEs share how they are putting the planet first



Building a Business with Sustainability at the Core

Ensuring small local enterprises have the know-how and resources to implement sustainable practices isn’t always simple and often requires knowledge sharing through conversations around what it means to truly operate sustainably. SLO CAL is a region that has been able to unite business owners in an extraordinary way to forge a clear commitment to sustainability through combined efforts.


Community and Collaboration

How community stakeholders in SLO CAL collaborate to create a sustainable approach to Travel & Tourism


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