Hosting the Summit

Hosting the WTTC Global Summit

Once a year, one city, region or nation is chosen to host a meeting of the world Travel & Tourism sector. Here, leaders of the sector from across the globe, government ministers and the most acclaimed representatives of international media meet to do business and discuss the trends and issues that affect the world economy.

There can be no better way to...

  • Demonstrate growth ambition to the world Travel & Tourism sector
  • Raise the profile and positioning of your destination’s Travel & Tourism product internationally
  • Attract and raise inbound investments
  • Build a domestic political constituency that recognises the importance of Travel & Tourism
  • Get your destination’s voice heard alongside global industry leaders, governments and international media
  • Campaign for greater international cooperation in the promotion of Travel & Tourism
  • Reach a global audience through a hybrid virtual platform
...than to host a WTTC Global Summit.

Previous Hosts

Destinations throughout the world have competed for the opportunity to showcase their tourism appeal to the unique audience who attend a WTTC Summit.

Following the first WTTC Global Summit, hosted by Portugal in 1996, Summit Hosts globally continue to carry forward the tradition of hospitality, with the support of local and national governments and heads of state.

Leaders such as President Calderón of Mexico, President Lula of Brazil, President Ollanta Humala of Peru, King Felipe VI of Spain, and Prime Minister Noda of Japan have played a significant role in attracting a WTTC Summit to their country, supported by direct participation from their leading ministers.

Previous WTTC Summit Hosts
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