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  • Sonic Refills Gold Download Edition REFiLL-AudioP2P
    17 November 2020

    Sonic Refills Gold Download Edition REFiLL-AudioP2P

    Sonic Refills Gold Download Edition REFiLL

    Team AudioP2P | 09-03-2009 | 3.32 GB

    Plug-in 20 volumes of Sonic Refills!

    With the Sonic Refills Gold Bundle, you get volumes 1 through 20 of the stunning Sonic Refills for Reason series at an incredible price. Priced separately, these volumes would cost more than $1100! This is the ultimate collection to supercharge Reason.

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    • Drumatic Percussives MULTiFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
      21 September 2020


      Drumatic Percussives MULTiFORMAT

      Team: DYNAMiCS | Jul 2, 2013 | DVDR | 851 MB


      Over 6,500 samples, 3.5 GB of drum/percussion/special fx/hits and one shots.

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      • Pure Hard Trance MULTiFORMAT
        5 September 2020

        Pure Hard Trance MULTiFORMAT

        P2P | April 28th, 2013 | 1.91 GB

        ..:: ACiD/WAV, AiFF, HALion, REX, Battery, Kontakt, Redrum ::..

        ‘Pure Hard Trance’ contains all you need to produce slammin’ hard trance. Including ‘tare up’ analogue trance riffs, bass lines, stabs, SFX, atmospheres, slammin’ beats, fills, breaks and classic TB-303 acid lines. Many of our trance lines, beats and bass loops are provided as construction kits to easily build tracks and ‘Live’ sets or to just inspire your next big tune while each drum loop has been mixed down to its individual drum parts to create a selection of construction loops which can be remixed and re-processed.

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        • Novation Nova REFiLL
          26 May 2020
          Categories: Combinator, NN-XT, REDRUM, ReFiLL, REX2

          Novation Nova REFiLL

          Novation Nova REFiLL

          P2P | 18.04.2005 | 251.26 MB

          Novation Nova Refill Pack is a refill using samples taken from magesy download the desktop model of Novation’s Nova. Review: The real Nova sounds great, but this refill is like the real thing. Some of the patches are the best I’ve ever used in Reason. There are a lot of pads which are very hard to find in other refills or synths. All categories are covered and they all sound great. In fact, I haven’t found an average patch. They are all ‘keepers’! Novation Nova Deluxe is a collection of 261 patches, bank A and bank B, 2560 wave files recorded in mono & Stereo at 16 bit 44.100Hz. 24 Combinator patches, 3 Redrum Patches, 43 Rex Files, 233 NN-XT patches 1.05Gb refill, Where needed, the files have been looped to perfection.

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          • Pads: The BIG Box REASON REFiLL-DECiBEL
            26 April 2018


            Pads: The BIG Box REFiLL

            Team DECiBEL | 25 Apr 2018 | 644.1 MB

            This ReFill gives you all you need when searching for atmospheric patches, bright or dark pads, inspiring soundscapes, rhythmical pads, fx & experimental sounds … Character, manual playability, liveliness and emotion without overdoing it are the main keywords. Find subtle and refined sound layering as well as tiny details when it comes to reverb and delays. Always find the right pad! Pads – the BIG box got this signature character which will give your project (ambient, film music, games etc.) a surprising bouquet of flavours that go wonderfully well together… The variety of sonic atmospheres makes this collection very complete so chances are big that you´ll find what you are looking for while browsing for the right pad. The Miscellaneous folder is for the rest of the sounds: Great basses, cool leads, a few drums and also ‘Mono Tones‘ and ‘Single Finger Chords‘. Pads – the BIG box lets you create more than only pads!

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            • Radius REFiLL
              10 September 2017


              Radius REFiLL

              P2P | 09-08-2017 | 3.4 MB

              Radius is one of our Newest and Popular refills! “45 Multi-Layered Combinator Patches” Powered by Thor, Malstrom, and Subtractor Synthesizers! Inspired by Travis Scott, Rae Sremmurd, London on da track among others.

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              • Dubstep Drumbank MULTiFORMAT-DiSCOVER
                21 June 2016


                Dubstep Drumbank MULTiFORMAT

                DiSCOVER | 10.10.2012 | 71 MB


                ‘Dubstep Drumbank’. Ranging from magesy download deep kicks and epic snares through to crisp cymbals and percussion, this sample library offers everything you need for powerful dubstep drums! Fed up using low-quality drum samples? If you are looking for professional drums which pack a punch, look no further! This drum collection contains samples from magesy download analogue drum machines, acoustic drums and percussion instruments. Each individual samples has been recorded using ‘class-A’ preamps and have then been carefully crafted using top quality EQ, compression and reverb.

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                • Tekniks Xtreme House 2 MULTiFORMAT-TZ7iSO
                  10 May 2016


                  Tekniks Xtreme House 2 MULTiFORMAT

                  Team TZ7iSO | 02.10.2005 | 1.16 GB

                  FORMATS: WAV/CDDA/Battery/EXS24/Redrum

                  Following the success of Xtreme House Volume 1, Tekniks present the long awaited sequel. Producer John Mercer has created another CD of high quality Beats, Filtered loops, Pulsating basses and funky synth grooves. No construction kits are included on this CD, you will just get the purest house loops possible. On CD2 you will find all the loops of CD1 in .wav format including bonus material and separate drum sounds. If that wasn’t enough you’ll also find EXS24, REDRUM and Battery settings so all you have to do is load and start creating your own beats. Why take your music to the edge when you can take it to the Xtreme! This one gets a major nod!

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                  • Bitword Wavefront Reason ReFill DVDR-BSOUNDZ
                    24 April 2016
                    Categories: NN-XT, NN19, REDRUM, ReFiLL


                    Bitword Wavefront Reason ReFill

                    TEAM BSOUNDZ | 01/17/08 | 3.25 GB

                    From the producer of Sonic Data Volume One and Prosamples Platinum: Vapor Virtual Synthesizer comes WAVEFRONT for Reason in the ReFill format.
                    WAVEFRONT is a collection of just over 4.5 gigabytes of waveforms created by Engineer, Sound Designer, and Producer Marc Van Bork in the Reason ReFill format. Everything from magesy download multi-sampled analog and digital style waveforms, pads, choirs, strings, textures, ambience, and field recordings to electronic drums, metallic impacts, and mangled sounds have been carefully captured at high resolution (24/96) for processing and down-sampled to 16 bit – 44.1khz to provide a very clean and flexible database of raw material.

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                    • Big Fish Audio Hip Hop REFiLL-DYNAMiCS
                      21 April 2016


                      Big Fish Audio Hip Hop REFiLL

                      Team DYNAMiCS | Jun 2009 | 498.80 MB

                      This joint is so packed with the hottest Hip Hop, you gonna have to just sit yourself down and wipe the sweat off yo’ brow before you pass out! Over 400mb of raw Hip Hop construction kit beauty! 67 Reason songs, all juicy and ready for you to customize with your own wicked style. All songs include Dr Rex loops, Redrum patches with custom drum samples, Subtractor synth lines, Maelstrom pads, NNXT sampler banks and MIDI performances, plus an additional 25 Redrum drum kits, hundreds of drum hits with NN19 Sampler drum maps, NNXT Sampler instruments including vintage Rhodes, Clavinet and B3 Organ. Stabs, FX and more. But that not all… we crammed an additional 450 REX files of bass loops, drum loops and other instruments just to round out the Hip Hop monster inside of you. You don’t need nothin’ else; so slip this fat boy into your collection and trip out on the Hip Hop for sheezy!

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