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  • Westside Fusion MULTiFORMAT-AUDiOSTRiKE
    16 September 2020

    Westside Fusion MULTiFORMAT-AUDiOSTRiKE

    Westside Fusion MULTiFORMAT

    AUDIOSTRiKE | 16/09/2015 | 146 MB

    Westside Fusion is the fresh new sample library designed to drop right into your Crunk, Club, Dirty South, Reggaeton and Dancehall tracks. You get the ultimate collection of mapped drum kits, instrument and drum loops, stabs and chord patches, synths, instruments, pads and basses, and a whole lot more. Enough to make reams of hot club-ready tracks! All in one expansive, studio-shaking 128-program package. Everything you need to make an entire fusion track is here. Club-spinning dance synths, stabs and hits, sub-rattling basses, bumpin fusion beats, loops and a huge assortment of beat-making drum kits. From fusion giants Sean Paul and Pitbull, to Club-Busting Crunk hit-makers like Lil Jon, you will get the tools the pros use to make platinum happen!

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    • Korg Universe Vol.1 AKAi SCD-AMPLiFYiSO
      1 September 2020
      Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples

      Korg Universe Vol.1 AKAi SCD-AMPLiFYiSO

      Korg Universe Vol.1 AKAi

      TEAM AMPLiFY | 08.30.2008 | 212.93 MB

      Korg Universe Volume 1 is from magesy download the German company Back in Time Records who specialise in the production of sample CD’s of older classic synths, we have also reviewed Minimoog Classics and Korg Universe Volume 2. Korg Universe 1 is the companion volume to Volume 2 and covers the sounds produced from magesy download 17 Korg synthesisers and drum machines, from magesy download classic mono synths like the 700S to the Wavestation AD. There is no duplication with Volume 2 and I’d find it hard to think of anything produced by Korg in the 1970-91 period that isn’t covered by one of these sample CD’s.

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      • ProSamples Collection MULTiFORMAT
        9 July 2020


        ProSamples Collection MULTiFORMAT

        P2P | 5 November 2012 | 15.06 GB

        Format: AKAi, AiFF, EXS24, HALiON, WAV

        Quality: 16 bit Frequency 44.1 kHz stereo channels

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        • Kawai K-5000 AKAi-P2P
          5 July 2020
          Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples


          Kawai K-5000 AKAi

          P2P | 26.09.2016 | 408 MB

          The K5000 was Kawai’s top of the line music workstation digital synthesizer when it was released back in 1996. It’s a bold and elegantly designed synth with a large LCD display, realtime controls and incredible sounds! The look and functionality is rivals the competition from magesy download the time…the Korg Trinity and Kurzweil K2500. Programming sounds with the K5000 can be a breeze (once you learn how) although it has over 1,000 parameters per patch! That’s plenty to play with. It combines additive synthesis and PCM sampled waveforms for you to layer and combine to design a whole range of sounds. Plenty of LFO modulation, filters and envelope controls allow you to shape and morph your sounds further. On-board multi-effects add the final touch of life to your sounds.

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          • E-MU Audity 2000 AKAi INTERNAL-PHOTONE
            5 July 2020
            Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples


            E-MU Audity 2000 AKAi

            PHOTONE | 16th September 2016 | 497.65 MB

            The Audity 2000 takes its name from magesy download the classic and one-and-only Audity, but that’s about it. Although, the Audity 2000 has the same synthesis architecture as the Proteus, and the Proteus’s synth chips were designed with the original Audity in mind. The Audity 2000 is a digital synth with an unprecedented 16 simultaneous arpeggiators. That’s great for trance and techno! With an emphasis on electronic groove music, the Audity 2000 offers up many dance type sounds but with an uncomfortable digital “tinny” overtone. Its 12-pole digital resonant filter is nice…but it’s no Moog.

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            • Proteus 2000 AKAi INTERNAL-PHOTONE
              5 July 2020
              Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples


              Proteus 2000 AKAi

              PHOTONE | 26th July 2016 | 504.75 MB

              The Proteus 2000 is a reincarnation of the economic Proteus rack module series of the early nineties. While its synthesis architecture is virtually the same as the original Proteus, the Proteus 2000 is packed with major new features, sounds and expandability for the most demanding professionals! It features 128-voice polyphony and 32 MIDI channels allowing it to handle even your most complex MIDI sequences. It ships with a whopping 32 MB of sample ROM memory which is expandable up to 128 MB using four internal ROM slots! The sounds it ships with are called the “Composer” soundset, offering you 1,536 presets (1,024 ROM, 512 user). The sounds cover the whole spectrum of synthesizer type sounds, from magesy download real instruments to bizarre sounds and effects.

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              • Korg Z1 AKAi INTERNAL-PHOTONE
                5 July 2020
                Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples


                Korg Z1 AKAi INTERNAL

                PHOTONE | 27th July 2016 | 613.80 MB

                The Z1 is like a polyphonic Prophecy housed in a full sized and featured Trinity workstation-like casing! It does all the analog sounds and more. This is a great analog modeling synth with 12-voice polyphony, thirteen waveforms, four LFOs, two resonant filters, two effects units and more. The ability to create unique sounds is endless. The factory patches could use some help, but overall the sound is very nice! It has a fully polyphonic arpeggiator that blows all others away. It has five preset arpeggio patterns and fifteen user patterns. Unfortunately there is no on-board sequencer. There is incredible real-time control available with knobs to control the two resonant filters, and a touch controlled ‘XY’ pad for tweaking patches in real-time. The Z1 is used by KMFDM, Gary Numan, LTJ Bukem and Orbital.

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