• Prosonus The Orchestral Collection VSTi RTAS MAS AU HYBRiD DVDR-DYNAMiCS
    March 1st, 2021
    Categories: AU, macOS, MAS, RTAS, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x86

    Prosonus The Orchestral Collection

    Team DYNAMiCS | 06.04.2005 | 589.28 MB

    …::: x86, VSTi, RTAS, MAS, AU, HYBRiD :::…

    From percussion to strings, brass to woodwinds- it’s all here. You will find string orchestra sustained, marcato, pizz and FX; section and solo violin, viola, cello and bass; trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, french horn, trombone, bass trombone, tuba and tuba FX; brass ensemble and brass orchestra; flute, alto flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, oboe d’amore, English horn, bassoon, and contrabassoon; harp single notes and glissandi; timpani, tubular bells, triangle, cymbals, cymbal FX, gong, snare, snare rolls, and more!

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    • Audio Plugin Player v1.3.1 AU VST MAS MAC-HCiSO
      January 18th, 2021
      Categories: AU, macOS, MAS, VST


      Audio Plugin Player v1.3.1 MAC

      HCiSO | 22 September 2019 | 20 MB

      …::: AU VST MAS :::…

      Audio Plugin Player is a lightweight VST and AU instrument plug-in host for Mac OS X that allows you to play these instruments using either your mouse, computer keyboard, or MIDI device (both hardware and software MIDI devices supported). It has a simple, one-screen interface, that will let you start making music with your favorite audio instrument plug-ins in seconds – just choose your plug-in, make your input and output choices, and you’re ready.

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      • AudioSwitcher v3.01 MAS macOS-TNT
        December 17th, 2020
        Categories: APPS, Audio Software, macOS, MAS

        AudioSwitcher v3.01 MAS macOS-TNT

        AudioSwitcher v3.01 macOS

        TNT | 17 December 2020 | 4.4 MB

        Audio Switcher is a Mac OS X utility that allows you to quickly switch your audio input/output between different components. It’s designed to work with a device such as Griffin Technology’s PowerMate. Audio Switcher sits in the menubar, making it conveniently accessible from magesy download any application. Place it in your Login Items and it will be available whenever you login. Audio Switcher can auto select any device you choose whenever the device is inserted or if the device is available at launch.

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        • Final Cut Pro X v10.5.1 macOS-TNT
          December 14th, 2020
          Categories: APPS, macOS, MAS, MULTiMEDiA

          Final Cut Pro X v10.5.1 macOS-TNT

          Final Cut Pro X v10.5.1 MAC

          TNT | 14 December 2020 | 2.9 GB

          At the heart of Final Cut Pro X is a flexible timeline Magnetic Timeline, a new approach to video editing without the tracks with the ability to add and organize videos as convenient to the author, while the other clips immediately disappear from magesy download the screen. The author can use the Clip Connections for pasting clips from magesy download other key elements such as titles and sound effects, while maintaining perfect synchronization of all elements regardless of their movement.

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          • Apple Compressor v4.5.1 macOS-TNT
            December 14th, 2020
            Categories: macOS, MAS, MULTiMEDiA

            Apple Compressor v4.5.1 macOS-TNT

            Apple Compressor v4.5.1 macOS

            TNT | 14 December 2020 | 294.83 MB

            If you use finalcutpro, this is an interesting plugin…

            Compressor integrates tightly with Final Cut Pro to add power and flexibility to your video conversions. A simple interface lets you quickly customize output settings, enhance images, and package your film for sale on the iTunes Store. For even faster conversions, easily set up distributed encoding using other Mac computers.

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            • Apple MainStage 3 v3.5.1 macOS-TNT
              December 11th, 2020
              Categories: APPS, Audio Software, macOS, MAS

              Apple MainStage 3 v3.5.1 macOS-TNT

              Apple MainStage 3 v3.5.1 macOS

              Team TNT | 11 December 2020 | 974 MB

              Collection of Plug-ins and Sounds

              MainStage has something for every kind of performer. You can use all your favourite instrument and effect plug-ins from magesy download Logic Pro. Simplify setup and teardown. Sound as big as you want with backing tracks. And use all your favourite hardware controllers. You can even expand your show with prerecorded backing tracks. You’ll also find new features like an improved Mixer, easier-to-use channel strips, and more. With the Mac as the core of your live rig, setup is faster, teardown is faster, and everything in between is more reliable. And you can easily use your favorite hardware to control every nuance of your performance.

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              • Apple Motion v5.5.0 macOS-TNT
                November 17th, 2020
                Categories: APPS, macOS, MAS, MULTiMEDiA

                Apple Motion v5.5.0 macOS-TNT

                Apple Motion v5.5.0 macOS

                TNT | 12 November 2020 | 2.00 GB

                Another must have plugin if you use Final Cut Pro! Enjoy.

                Today, 12 November Apple has updated all the pro video and audio apps. Final Cut Pro updates 10.5, Motion to 5.5 and Compressor to 4.5. A few new features for FCP, but all will now run on Apple silicon! We list ALL the new features. With Big Sur out, it wasn’t going to be long before the pro apps got their huge dual binary update so they could run on the new Apple silicon. Motion is a software application produced by Apple Inc. for their Mac OS X operating system. It is used to create and edit motion graphics, titling for video and film production, and 2D and 3D compositing for visual effects. The Motion interface has been redesigned specifically for Final Cut Pro editors, with a familiar look and feel that makes it easy to switch between the two applications. A new single-window layout puts all the tools you need at your fingertips, and redesigned icons make it easy to identify options at glance. The darker look of the new interface is designed to enhance color perception as you work with any combination of video, stills, and motion graphic elements. Many filters now include onscreen controls for direct, intuitive manipulation of effects. And keyframe editing is much more accessible thanks to a new view that displays the Keyframe editor below the timeline.

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                • USB Charlie The Retro Organ Module v1.0 VSTi MAS RTAS AU DVDR-AI
                  July 2nd, 2020
                  Categories: AU, macOS, MAS, RTAS, USB, VSTi, WiNDOWS

                  USB Charlie The Retro Organ Module v1.0 VSTi MAS RTAS AU DVDR-AI

                  Charlie The Retro Organ v1.0

                  Team AI | 02-29-2004 | 1.72 GB

                  HiBRiD § VSTi, MAS, RTAS, AU

                  CHARLIE is focused on famous electric organ sounds. The included sound library is enormous, because nothing beats the real sound quality of a genuine organ, recorded with the vintage equipment favored by purists everywhere. The leslies were carefully miked and recorded with low and high rotor speed. Charlie is powered by our amazing sample-playback engine, allowing musicians to play complex parts without the polyphony restrictions of modeling. A clearly-designed interface helps you to make the necessary sound adjustments… The included organs are from magesy download Hammond of course, but also Elka and other select organ makers.

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                  • Colibri v1.9.0 macOS-TNT
                    August 8th, 2019
                    Categories: APPS, Audio Software, macOS, MAS


                    Colibri v1.9.1 macOS

                    TNT | 08 August 2019 | 18 MB

                    Native Lossless Audio for macOS

                    A refreshingly new addition to the audio player scene. Colibri is a native macOS audio player built from magesy download scratch on top of the award-winning BASS technology. Colibri supports cristal-clear bit-perfect playback of all popular lossless and lossy audio formats, uses only a tiny amount of computing power and offers a clean and intuitive user experience.

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